Team Tryouts

Is your daughter interested in joining CPG Competitive Team?

We will be hosting Team tryouts the morning of April 28th. A schedule will be posted closer to the date.

  • Team coaches will test skills ranging from level 1-3 on all competitive events, flexibilty, and strength. Behavior, attitude, and work ethic will also be in consideration when choosing new team members.
  • The results will not be available to you until your normal class day and time of the week of May 7th.

Here are some things to consider about team:

  • Year round training. 2018-2019 practice will begin June 4th.
  • Practice will be 2-3 days per week for 3 hours each practice.
  • Tuition is estimated between $165-$225 per month with registration fee of $40 once a year.
  • Competitive Apparel is estimated $300-$350.
  • USAG yearly Fee estimated $70.
  • $200 Booster Club yearly fee. (Fundraisers are offered to help pay for this and other fees.)
  • Competitions
    • Approximately 5-7 meets from October to March
    • Estimated $80-$100 per meet fee. (All meets are mandatory)
  • Competition Gymnastics is a great opportunity for your gymnast to learn teamwork, self-discipline, hard work, patience, compassion, determination, and more!
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