Ninja Zone

Cypress Pointe Gymnastics offers exciting Ninja Zone Classes. NinjaZone is a fusion of obstacle training, gymnastics, martial arts and freestyle movement. Children learn flips. rolls, jumps and kicks just like the character in their favorite video games!

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NInja Zone Logo-White Outline
Ninja Zone provides a unique way to focus your child’s energy into exercising their body and mind while building character. It gives your child the confidence to take on any challenge and gives you peace of mind knowing they are doing so in a safe environment. Ninja Zone combines discipline from martial arts, coordination from gymnastics, strength and agility from obstacle training and creativity from freestyle movement.

Ninja Zone Levels:

  • Ninja Zone ProgramLil Ninjas: Ages 4.5-6
  • White: Beginners Ages 7-11
  • Yellow: Intermediate Ages 8-11
  • Green: Advanced 1
  • Blue: Advanced 2